At least five Palestinian journalists have been killed in Israeli attacks in the central Gaza Strip in recent hours, bringing the total number of journalists killed in the enclave since the start of the war to 158, according to Hamas government figures.

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“The number of journalists martyred has risen to 158 since the start of the genocidal war in the Gaza Strip, following the killing of another five today”the media office of the Hamas-controlled Gaza government reported.

The Gaza war has been the deadliest conflict for journalists for months, according to human rights and press freedom organisations.

Israel has launched a wave of offensives on several points in the centre of the Gaza Strip, including Deir al Balah and the refugee camps of Bureij, Maghazi and Nuseirat, with the latter being the hardest hit. In total, at least 25 people have been killed in the central area in the last few hours.

Journalists killed in Gaza

The five journalists killed today, most of them in Nuseirat, are: Saadi Madoukh, Adeeb Sukkar, Amjad Al-Jahjouh – who died with his wife -, Wafa Abu Dabaan and Rizq Abu Shakyan.

Madoukh was the director of the production company Deep Shot Media and Sukkar was an employee of the company; Jahjouh and Shakyan were journalists for the Palestinian Media Agency; and Abu Dabaan was a radio host for the Islamic University of Gaza.

Hamas government’s death toll includes journalists who are no longer active, intellectuals and influencers who document the war in Gaza on social mediawhich is why media organizations maintain slightly lower figures.

According to the latest figures from Reporters Without Borders, not updated since May, at least 105 Palestinian journalists have been killed in the Gaza war, 22 of them in the line of duty.

RSF has also denounced as attacks on press freedom the fact that international media are not allowed access to the Strip to report freely, deliberate attacks on Palestinian journalists, and the closure of the Qatari channel Al Jazeera in Israel.

RSF has joined the complaint filed at the International Criminal Court for genocide and war crimes against Israel.

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists, meanwhile, has recorded 108 journalists and media workers killed since October 7: 103 Palestinians – all in Gaza in Israeli airstrikes – two Israelis killed in the Hamas attack that day, and three Lebanese in an Israeli attack on the border.

In addition, fifty journalists have been arrested by the Israeli authorities, In addition, many Palestinian reporters – also in Israel and the West Bank – are victims of harassment, threats and online bullying.


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