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It’s on Instagram that Sam, better known under the pseudonym @healthy.lalou, shares his veggie recipes that we love so much. Lately, it’s his eggplant tartare recipe that caught our attention. While we’re often used to cooking roasted or caviar eggplants, we sometimes lack a little inspiration to enhance this vegetable. This recipe is just in time! This veggie tartare is perfect for the summer season.

Be careful, Sam specifies that although his preparation is called tartare, it is not raw eggplant because as he reminds us “raw eggplant is toxic so it is better not to eat it”. He ends up adding: “It really reminds me of beef tartare so I want to call it that and if you’re not happy with it, you can call it something else.” We validate this name and this recipe that has whetted our appetite. So here’s how to make it at home. Go into the kitchen.

For the ingredients you will need:

“Serve with fries” and enjoy! Bon appetit.


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