DSpeaking in Corrèze, where he was elected deputy with at least 44% of the votes, Hollande highlighted that the result, which avoided the victory of the extreme right that the polls predicted, was also achieved with the contribution of “people who are not on the left”.

He expressed satisfaction with the projection figures, according to which the National Union party (RN, in its French acronym) had a “very minority” representation, which also gives “a responsibility” to the left.

His political area, he argued, must “put all the necessary pressure” to implement measures such as freezing gas prices, increasing the minimum wage and cancelling the pension system reform proposed by President Emmanuel Macron.

The former head of state (between 2012 and 2017) considered that the role of the left-wing forces should be to “bring calm” after the polarization felt during the electoral campaign and to take into account the difficulties felt by many French people, while continuing to be “ardent defenders of social justice and democracy”.

The New Popular Front, which includes Hollande’s party, has been allocated between 172 and 215 seats, according to projections from four institutes, which place the Macronists in second place, with 150 to 180 seats, ahead of the far-right National Union party, with 115 to 155 seats.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2594177/ex-presidente-francois-hollande-pede-a-esquerda-que-pacifique-o-pais

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