SThere are still people hospitalized, four of whom are in intensive care units (ICU), following the strong turbulence experienced on a flight that made an emergency landing in Natal, Brazil, in the early hours of Monday, July 1st.

All the injured are hospitalized in Rio Grande do Norte.

The plane – which departed from Madrid, Spain, bound for Montevideo, Uruguay – had 325 passengers on board. Data provided by the State Department of Public Health (Sesap) indicated that at least 30 people were injured and had to receive hospital treatment.

The patients, of various nationalities, hit their heads during the turbulence and suffered cervical fractures, facial injuries and chest pain.

It should be recalled that Zurich Airport Brasil, the concessionaire that manages Natal International Airport, issued an official statement about the incident in which it described that at 2:32 am (6:32 am in Lisbon) an Air Europa aircraft, which was flying between the cities of Madrid and Montevideo, requested an emergency landing due to severe turbulence encountered during the flight.

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