O former French president, between 2012 and 2017, in statements to the public channel France 2, defended the proposal with the argument that “responsibility is needed”, because “the country cannot stop”.

In his opinion, “there has to be a compromise solution, at least for a year”, since, after the second round of the legislative elections, next Sunday, there cannot be new legislative elections for a year, by constitutional determination.

Hollande admitted that the programs that divide the political spectrum from conservatives to communists are very different, but insisted that “we have to govern the country.”

In the specific case of the various left-wing groups, Hollande considered that “the left needs to be a solution and not just a barrier” to the extreme right.

“The situation in France is serious. The world is looking at us. Europe is worried,” he said.

Hollande was also very critical of President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to call these elections, after his defeat in the European elections on 9 June.

“I’m not sure that [a decisão de Macron] was the product of a strategy. It seems more like it was an impulse, extremely negative for the country”, he added.

Hollande, who did not run for a second term in 2017, has now returned to active politics with these elections and won the first round in his Corrèze constituency.

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