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This evening, Philippe Etchebest goes to meet Fabien, chef in Périgueux. He will discover the restaurant “Le Petit Saigon”. On the program: a culinary journey that risks taking the chef on a journey: from Japan to France via Italy, but beware of indigestion…

It is in 2022 that Fabien takes over this Asian restaurant renowned in the region. However, despite his efforts, the cook failed to sustain the enthusiasm around the establishment. This is why, encouraged by his server, the boss decides to play his last card: take part in the program Cauchemar en cuisine to save his restaurant. His goal: to raise the bar. His problem ? Coherence.

Indeed, Philippe Etchebest will discover in tonight’s episode a restaurant that lacks guidelines. There is a Vietnamese restaurant window, a Franco-Japanese menu and Italian products: in short, one wonders about the DNA of this establishment; “We imagine a dirty kitchen with expired products but that was not my case, I had a concept problem” explains Fabien. On the menu: the menu follows the same guideline: a surprising mix of French cuisine and Asian cuisine. Which translates to frogs in coconut milk or a shrimp croissant. Associations that leave us a little perplexed.

But this is not the only problem that Philippe Etchebest will face: a server who does not know his menu and who cracks in front of the room and also a chef with a strong character, with too strong a character, the proof in image:

As you will have understood, tonight’s show promises to be a major challenge.

Fortunately, the show ultimately had positive effects. The restorer recognizes that the passage of Philippe Etchebest was “a bad for a good”. Indeed, despite his strong temperament, Fabien Pelletan expresses his gratitude to the chef: “Philippe Etchebest is very human. We are two strong characters, it’s true, but I thank him”.

In order to attract people, the MOF advised the restaurateur to return to a simpler menu favoring fresh and local products. Since the visit of the M6 ​​teams last June, Fabien is almost at the head of a new restaurant. If the menu has changed, the manager has also decided to change the name, a sign of a new beginning. He thus renamed his restaurant “Le Plâtras” inspired by an Occitan word. The show therefore lived up to Fabien’s expectations. : “I could not have made this transition alone, the results remain positive because reservations have increased”.


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