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Due to lack of time or courage, the desire to eat a ready-made pizza is sometimes very strong. And for good reason: we find them very easily on the shelves of our supermarkets, in the frozen food section as well as in the fresh section. But from a nutritional point of view, which of these two options is better?

To make a choice between frozen or fresh pizza, dietician Stéphanie Drieu, speaking at France Bleu Montbéliardadvises thinking about how you want to consume it. “When are we going to eat it? If you really want to eat it quickly, you opt for fresh pizza. It keeps for a very short time. The frozen pizza can be taken in advance, to be left in stock, in case I want it”.

From a nutritional point of view, the two types of pizza are similar. However, certain elements are often missing from fresh pizzas, such as ground meat, which is too sensitive. The topping is therefore less varied on the fresh pizza side. Frozen pizzas are sometimes a little less garnished. “Indeed, the ratio between dough and content can be a little disappointing. But there are no generalities, it all depends on the brands, the store… I invite you to choose the one that you like best…”

The taste and texture can be very different between a frozen pizza and its cousin in the fresh section, it’s up to you to choose your preference.

If you don’t have the courage to make it yourself, go get a pizza from the pizza maker near you. “So, we can ask a little more about the quality and origin of the ingredients used.” This information is also present on the packages of industrial products and will allow you to know if the products used are of good quality. The dietitian recommends, for example, opting for cheese, and not a cheese preparation. The ingredients must be as raw as possible: in terms of nutrients and intake, nothing can match a homemade product.


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