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Most children like to drink soda or fruit juice. However, in both cases, it is not recommended for young people! Indeed, contrary to preconceived ideas, a glass of fruit juice does not correspond to a real serving of fruit, and this drink is not recommended for children under 8 years old, according to a new study.

No more glass of orange juice in the morning! Asked by France TV Infothe journalist of Health Magazine (France 5) Géraldine Zamansky explains the risks behind regular consumption of fruit juice “for those under 8 years old, each additional daily glass of this drink can cause the most significant weight gain”, she explains, citing the conclusions of a large Canadian study incorporating the results of 42 different studies involving nearly 46,000 children and 268,000 adults.

In question: the presence of sugar. As the expert explains: “On average, there are 20 grams per glass, almost as much as in the most famous soda! Each additional glass thus leads to an excess of sugar which explains the weight gain.”, she concludes.

To avoid excess sugar, it is therefore recommended not to exceed the dose of half a glass of fruit juice per day and to favor the consumption of whole fruits. Indeed, unlike juice, the fruit consumed whole provides fiber, necessary for digestion. Thanks to these, the sugar present in the fruit is well absorbed by the body. In addition, whole fruits are richer in vitamins than the juice versions found in stores.

Finally, be aware that drinking fruit juice is not without consequences for adults either. Of course, the quantity of sugar is proportionally less impactful but it is by no means zero. Studies have in fact demonstrated that consuming more than 2 glasses of juice per day increases the risk of weight gain, particularly when consuming apple juice and those made from grapes.


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