This March 24, 2024, planet Earth experienced a natural phenomenon of extraordinary magnitudes: a G4 geomagnetic storm of severe intensity. The event, triggered by a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the Sun, has generated a series of significant effects on Earth.

According to explanations provided by Matthew Cappucci, renowned atmospheric scientist and meteorologist, this geomagnetic storm, classified as level 4 out of a total of 5, has impacted the Earth’s magnetic field, triggering a series of notable phenomena. These include the appearance of northern and southern lights, interruptions in radio and satellite communications, as well as fluctuations in electrical networks with the potential to affect globally.

What measures should be taken in the event of a geomagnetic storm?

In this scenario, it is crucial to take measures preventive measures to protect yourself from the possible adverse effects of a geomagnetic storm. Here are some recommendations that may be useful:

  • Disconnect your electronic devices from the electrical power to prevent damage from possible fluctuations or overloads.
  • Make sure you have a supply of food and drinking water independent of electricity, which will ensure your well-being in the event of interruptions in basic services.
  • Stay informed about the latest news and advice provided by authorities and weather experts so you are prepared to deal with the situation appropriately.

The consequences of a geomagnetic storm of this magnitude can be diverse and affect various aspects of daily life:

  • Electrical networks: Induced electrical currents can cause damage to transformers and other equipment, which could lead to power outages.
  • Communications: The interruption in radio and satellite communications can affect mobile phone, internet and television services, making communication and access to vital information difficult.
  • Transport: GPS navigation systems can suffer interference, which represents a risk to air, sea and land transportation, as well as to the safety of people who depend on these means for their mobility.

It is important to keep in mind that the effects of a G4 geomagnetic storm may vary depending on region and local infrastructure. Areas located at high latitudes, such as the Arctic and Antarctica, are particularly susceptible to the impacts of these natural events.


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