The German politician Martin Neumaier has sparked controversy when he recorded himself licking public toilets. This man is in second place in the municipal elections in Aalen.

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In the footage, shared through social networks, he is heard saying that his actions are part of a “punishment”, although he does not delve further into that aspect.

In the middle of his actions, the German politician even licks a toilet brush, used to clean these public areas.

You could be sent to prison

Martin Neumaier has also starred in other types of videos in which he smeared a sex toy with feces and placed it on a Quran. Furthermore, in other images it was recorded how He used fecal matter to make a mustache in order to imitate Adolf Hitler.

For these acts, which can be classified as blasphemy and make an apology for Nazi symbols, prohibited in Germany, the man He could face a sentence of up to five years in prison.

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