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Entertaining guests at home is an art that requires careful attention to detail. Among these details, the arrangement of the glasses on the table is essential to create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere. Knowing where to place each glass may seem trivial or outdated, but it is a skill that shows your mastery of good manners and your concern to welcome your guests. Here is how to arrange them properly.

Stemmed glasses should be aligned in such a way as to facilitate access to each type of drink depending on the course of the meal. Generally, we start with the water glass, which is placed on the left, followed by the wine glasses, from the lightest to the strongest, to the right. This allows guests to easily follow the progress of the meal and choose the right drink at the right time.

When setting a table, start by placing the water glass directly above the main knife, to the right of the plate. This glass, larger and more robust, is essential because it will be used throughout the meal. Next, place the red wine glass slightly diagonally to the right of the water glass. This glass is often wider, allowing the wine to breathe and release its aromas. If you are also serving white wine, the corresponding glass is placed to the right of the red wine glass. The white wine glass is generally narrower, which helps retain the freshness and delicate aromas of the wine.

For special occasions where champagne is served, the champagne glass, also called a flute, finds its ideal place behind the other glasses. This positioning makes it possible to clearly differentiate the champagne glass from others and make it easily accessible during toasts. You can also place it directly next to the water glass if you’re not using it right away.

You now have all the cards in hand to set a perfect table the next time you entertain.


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