A tragic event occurred in the Las Dalias neighborhood, in the Argentine city of Córdoba. Over there, A 73-year-old grandfather was crushed to death by his truck while helping a puppy.

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Todo Noticias reported that the man accidentally ran over his pet and after that he got out of the vehicle to check that the dog was okay.

While he was checking the condition of the animal, the vehicle advanced and crushed the man, who He ended up with a fatal skull injury.

It was learned that the man owned a taxi that he was going to deliver to a driver who was waiting for him at the scene.

This person noticed the older adult’s tardiness and upon entering the garage of the home witnessed the impressive scene.

Authorities and emergency personnel went to the area and there they confirmed the death of the elderly adult.

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Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/abuelo-que-auxiliaba-a-un-perrito-murio-aplastado-por-su-camioneta-como-paso-rg10

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