Gustavo Lorgia fulfilled his childhood dream: have magical powers. Through his art he created illusions that children and adults They never failed to impress.

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His history in the art of magic was already written. His grandfather was a magician, like his father, who always carried the suitcase and was his great teacher.

He grew up with cards and tricks, but his professional life as a magician began at the age of 20 when he traveled to Spain as a guest of the Magic Congress in Zaragoza, which It took him to live in that country for 10 years.

His return to Colombia in 1981 was marked by Caracol Televisión, where he was part of programs such as Mágico-Mágico, Magic Carnival, Animalandia, Happy Saturdays and the International Humor Festival.

Lorgia reached the world’s great stages, performed in Europe, in the Middle East and in Asia. In addition to taking his magic boxes to different countries, he also transformed his art into conferences and he managed to build a diploma in neuromagia.

The magician worked tirelessly so that the world did not lose its capacity for wonder. Every show and every day in magic was his way of giving laughter and joy.

What did Gustavo Lorgia die of?

Gustavo Lorgia died this Friday, June 14, 2024, at the age of 73, after health complications derived from a spinal shock, a condition he suffered after a home accident. It was learned that the illusionist was hospitalized for 20 days at the Reina Sofía Clinic.

Lorgia was not just a magician, he was a cultural icon who transcended the stage to become a reference for magic in Colombia. His ability to intertwine illusion with reality captivated audiences of all ages.

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