One more chapter was written in the quarrel they have Gustavo Petro, president of Colombia, and Benjamín Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel. The social network X has been the channel they have used to send messages and signals to each other.

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The first to express his thoughts was Netanyahu, who last Saturday, May 11, 2024, wrote: “Israel will not allow itself to be lectured by an anti-Semitic supporter of Hamas, a genocidal terrorist organization that massacred, raped, mutilated and burned alive 1,200 innocent people on October 7. What a shame, President Petro!”

President Petro reacted to the message a few minutes later and replied to Netanyahu: “The Semites should not be the architects of a genocide because they suffered it. Just as the genocide of the Jewish people in Nazi Europe is inadmissible, so is the current genocide against the Palestinian people. I am not a supporter of Hamas, because I am a supporter of republican, plebeian and secular democracy. My democratic, republican, plebeian, secular and religious principles lead me to reject the barbarity that Netanyahu commits and which is called genocide.”

When it seemed that the exchange of messages would end there, hours later a new letter from Petro was produced. This time he called Netanyahu “genocidal” and compared him to the Nazis.

“Mr. Netanyahu, you will go down in history as a genocide. Dropping bombs on thousands of innocent children, women and elderly people does not make you a hero. You remain alongside those who killed millions of Jews in Europe. A genocide is a genocide no matter if he has religion or not. “Try at least to stop the massacre”said Petro.

Let us remember that on May 3, 2024 The Colombian Government officially notified Israel of the severing of diplomatic relations in rejection of what President Gustavo Petro called “genocide” in Gaza.

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