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Since the start of food price inflation, many products have seen their prices double or even triple. However, a new practice seems to have won the shelves of our supermarkets, the shrinkflation. Brands reduce the quantity of their products without changing its price. Thus, the consumer thinks of buying a product at the same price as usual, except that for the same price, he has less. This is called themasked inflation. This commercial maneuver is exercised in complete discretion, without informing the consumer and is justified by theincrease in raw material prices. A survey launched by the Foodwatch association thus challenged six brands, among them, Skin.

By comparing the promotional catalogs of the same supermarket on two different dates, the foodwatch association was able to observe that the former format you Kiri was in portions of 20g each. Today, these are portions of 18 g, a 10% decrease. The price, meanwhile, does not seem to have increased per unit. It is per kilo that the association has noticed an increase of 11%. But the Kiri brand defends itself from business practice now well known.

Cécile Béliot, General Manager of the Bel group, spoke about this on the antenna of BFM TV : « We have not reduced the grammage of the same recipe linked to inflation in the price of raw materials. 18 months ago, we changed Kiri’s recipe. We brought an innovation to market, a new product in which there are only five ingredients. It’s not the same Kiri. “When it comes out, this new kiri portrait the mention “new recipe” on the front side as well as “new pack, new format” on the back side. These mentions then disappeared after a year, according to the regulations. The Kiri brand is justified on this change in weight by its new more natural recipe, without additives and therefore, better for health.


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