General Juan José Zúñiga is accused of leading an attempted coup against the government of the president of Bolivia, Luis Arce. His name came to light when the president denounced “irregular mobilizations of some Army units,” which unleashed a political crisis in the country.

Tanks and troops occupied Plaza Murillo, in the center of the Bolivian capital, where the presidential headquarters is located. A tank attempted to knock down a metal door of the presidential palace, which General Juan José Zúñiga later entered.

According to Bolivian television, the officer entered the building for a few moments before walking out.

Who is Juan José Zúñiga?

Zúñiga is a high-ranking military officer who served as commander general of the Bolivian Army from 2022 until his recent dismissal. Although his biography and military career are low-profile, his name resonated in the media and public opinion after his controversial statements about Evo Morales’ possible candidacy for the presidency for the 2025 period.

During his tenure as commander general, Zúñiga maintained a critical stance towards the figure of Evo Morales, openly expressing that he “can no longer be president of this country.” These statements, added to subsequent actions, led to his dismissal and placed him at the center of accusations of an attempted coup d’état.

The coup attempt materialized when Zúñiga and a group of soldiers entered the Presidential Palace in La Paz, which was interpreted as a direct action against the Arce government.

This event marked a turning point in the recent history of Bolivia, reviving the ghost of political instability and coups d’état that have marked its history.

The situation generated a wave of reactions both nationally and internationally. Evo Morales called for a “national mobilization to defend democracy,” while various political and social sectors expressed their concern about the country’s democratic stability.

As a result of the tense situation in La Paz, the Organization of American States (OAS) said that “it will not tolerate any form of breach of the constitutional order” in Bolivia.

“We express our solidarity with President Luis Arce Catacora. The international community, the general secretariat of the OAS will not tolerate any form of breach of the legitimate constitutional order in Bolivia or anywhere else“said the head of the organization Luis Almagro, in Asunción, where the organization’s general assembly is being held until Friday.


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