Actress Cony Camelo used her social networks to give visibility to the complaints of several Colombian tourists who stated that they had been victims of mistreatment after arriving in Mexico.

The singer also encountered the problems of several Colombians, who reported abuse by officials at the airport upon arriving in Mexico. According to compatriots, this is a situation that is experienced there every day.
Cony Camelo even referred to a situation that is being investigated: the alleged case of abortion of a tourist who could not enter Mexico and was locked up without food for two days.

“They took their passports, they returned them, they took off their laces, they were held incommunicado. “This is the moment in which Avianca does not return their passports, they do not even have cell phones so they could not record,” said the actress.

In Camelo’s public denunciation, some Colombians spoke of their bitter experience upon arriving in Mexico, several already with paid tourist plans and with all the documentation in order.

“My name is Harold Sánchez. As such, I had purchased the entire tour for us to spend six nights and seven days. “We presented the legal documents, everything was normal, but they got hit with anything and they put us in a room,” he assured.

Another tourist, who was accompanied by his family, also told his story: “I came with my two children, my little ones and the same thing: We had to sleep on the floor and the blankets are plastic aluminum bags. There are many people who took us there.”

According to one of the women who was with Cony Camelo, A mother’s minor daughter got sick and she was left “lying on the floor.”

“A woman’s little girl got sick, the lady had been sick for about two days. They had not been given information or food, the girl was on a mat lying on the floor and sick,” the woman indicated.

What has the Colombian Consulate in Mexico said?

Faced with these serious complaints, the Consul General of Colombia in Mexico, Andrés Hernández, spoke out through his account on X and asserted that “already Immigration Mexico was asked to report on the cases as well as report on the alleged abortion that the complaint also talks about.”

Furthermore, the diplomat added that “there is an increasing variant with people who travel with tourist plans and when they arrive their reservations and even tickets are canceled and it is something we are working on and identifying these situations that concern us and that have increased in recent weeks.”

Otherwise, the plenipotentiary ambassador of Colombia to Mexico, Moisés Ninco Daza, also referred to the issue, pointing out that, “we are addressing this complaint from the diplomatic and consular mission of Colombia in Mexico. It is a reality that is becoming more and more recurrent and about which we are not indifferent. We are collecting the necessary information to dialogue with the federal government about this and other cases, providing the high-level treatment it requires. “Colombians are not alone in Mexico.”

After Cony Camelo’s complaints, there have been many comments on his publication in who have experienced the same discrimination without justification and recommend not traveling to this country, since the authorities do not offer guarantees for Colombians.

It is expected that the control entities will intervene and investigate the complaints to clarify the situations that several Colombian tourists have apparently experienced upon arriving in Mexico.


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