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Have you always considered your vegetable peeler the ultimate tool for peeling your vegetables? Think again ! This kitchen utensil conceals multiple talents that are often overlooked. Beyond its primary function, the peeler can prove to be a valuable ally for carrying out a variety of culinary tasks. Here are four.

Who knew a peeler could compete with a mandolin? By using your vegetable peeler creatively, you can quickly transform vegetables like carrots, zucchini or cucumbers into delicate tagliatelle. Simply slide the peeler over the surface of the vegetables to obtain thin strips that add a touch of freshness to your salads, your dishes or even your dish garnishes.

Want to enhance your desserts with a touch of chocolate? The thrifter is your secret ally! By delicately sliding the peeler along a well-cooled chocolate bar, you will obtain fine shavings which will melt deliciously on your pastries, your ice creams or your fruity desserts. A quick and easy way to add a touch of elegance to all your sweet creations.

No more thick, difficult to remove zest! With a peeler, you can easily remove the fine, fragrant zest from your favorite citrus fruits. All you have to do is gently pass the peeler over the skin of the citrus fruits, making sure to only remove the colored part. These zests are perfect for flavoring your dishes, desserts, cocktails or even for decorating your culinary creations.

Do you want to add a touch of deliciousness to your dishes by adding cheese? Use your peeler to form delicate shavings from blocks of hard cheese. Simply slide the peeler along the block of cheese to obtain fine shavings that will pair wonderfully with your salads, pastas or charcuterie dishes.


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