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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This is therefore the ideal opportunity to please your mother. So why not get behind the stove for a meal? Don’t worry, if you’re lacking inspiration, today we’re sharing our best recipes for starters. Asparagus, salmon artichoke, shrimp…. It’s up to you to choose which preparations will appeal to you.

White asparagus and orange soup

White asparagus velouté with orange is a light and refined soup, perfect to start a festive meal like Mother’s Day. White asparagus, sweet and delicate, goes perfectly with the tangy note of orange. This creamy velouté is both refreshing and comforting, ideal for surprising and delighting guests. See the recipe for White asparagus and orange soup.

Beetroot mimosa eggs

For a colorful and original touch, try beetroot deviled eggs. Beetroot brings a beautiful pink hue and a slightly sweet flavor to traditional deviled eggs. A revisited classic that will amaze and seduce with its vibrant visuals and unique taste. See the recipe for Beetroot Mimosa Eggs.

Spring carpaccio of caramelized beets with balsamic vinegar

The spring carpaccio of caramelized beets with balsamic vinegar is an elegant and light starter. The thin slices of beetroot, caramelized and enhanced with balsamic vinegar, offer a subtle marriage of sweetness and acidity. See the recipe for Spring Carpaccio of caramelized beets with balsamic vinegar.

Pomelo, shrimp and radish salad

The pomelo, shrimp and radish salad is a fresh and vitamin-packed starter. Juicy pomelo combines perfectly with tender shrimp and crunchy radishes. This colorful salad is decorated with a light vinaigrette, for an explosion of flavors in the mouth. See the recipe for Pomelo, Shrimp and Radish Salad.

Puff roses with zucchini and ham

The puff pastry roses with zucchini and ham are as pretty as they are delicious. These little edible flowers are made with strips of zucchini and ham rolled in crispy puff pastry. A refined presentation for a gourmet and creative starter. See the recipe for Puff Roses with Zucchini and Ham.

Sicilian arancini

Sicilian arancini are small balls of stuffed rice, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Stuffed with meat ragout, cheese or vegetables, these golden delights are perfect for a tasty and comforting starter, typical of Sicilian cuisine. See the recipe for Sicilian Arancini.

Mini charlotte with trout and small vegetables

The mini charlotte with trout and small vegetables is a refined and light starter. Smoked trout pairs harmoniously with crunchy vegetables. An elegant presentation and a subtle taste for a starter that will cause a sensation. See the recipe for Mini charlotte with trout and small vegetables.

Artichoke salad with avocado and baby spinach

Artichoke salad with avocado and baby spinach is a healthy and delicious option. Poivrade artichokes, tender and flavorful, mix perfectly with creamy avocado and fresh baby spinach. A balanced salad full of freshness. See the recipe for Artichoke salad with pepper, avocado and baby spinach.

Spanakopita (Greek turnovers with feta and spinach)

Spanakopitas, Greek turnovers with feta and spinach, are a crispy and tasty starter. Phyllo dough envelops a generous filling of spinach and feta, creating a bite rich in Mediterranean flavors. See the recipe for Spanakopita (Greek turnovers with feta and spinach).

Fattouche, Lebanese salad

Fattouche is a colorful and crunchy Lebanese salad, composed of fresh vegetables, grilled pita bread and aromatic herbs. Drizzled with a lemon and sumac vinaigrette, this salad is both tangy and refreshing, perfect for a light start to a meal. See the recipe for Fattouche, Lebanese salad.

Express salmon and beetroot gravlax

Express salmon gravlax with beetroot is a sophisticated and quick starter to prepare. Fresh salmon marinated with grated beetroot, salt and spices provides bright color and delicate taste. A chic and tasty starter that will impress your guests. See the Gravlax express recipe for salmon with beetroot.

Small flans with asparagus and parmesan

The little asparagus and parmesan flans are delicate and tasty bites. Fresh asparagus and parmesan combine in a creamy oven-baked preparation, for a melting and refined result. An elegant and delicious starter for a festive meal. See the recipe for Petits flans with asparagus and parmesan.

Egg casserole with goat cheese and dried tomatoes

Egg casserole with goat cheese and dried tomatoes is a simple but elegant starter. The eggs are baked in small ramekins with a creamy touch of goat cheese and tasty pieces of dried tomatoes for a melting and delicious result. See the recipe for Egg Casserole with Goat Cheese and Dried Tomatoes.

This Mother’s Day, please your mother with these delicious and refined starters. From egg casserole with goat cheese to express salmon and beetroot gravlax, each recipe brings a unique and festive touch. Whether you prefer Mediterranean flavors, fresh notes or comforting dishes, our selection will satisfy all desires. In the kitchen, let your creativity speak and the love you put into each dish. Happy Mother’s Day !


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