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The universe of pasta seems infinite, with its various shapes, colors and compositions. However, not all pasta is equal in terms of nutritional quality and ability to satiate. In this quest for well-being and a balanced diet, there is a lot of advice circulating, but what is it really? To answer this question, dietician Stéphanie Drieu shared her expertise on the waves of France Blue.

When you stand in front of the display of pasta in your favorite supermarket, it is essential to pay close attention to certain elements to make the right choice. The first thing to check is the composition of the pasta. “Basically, shells are water and wheat. But to that we can possibly add eggs, so it actually changes the product and the quality of the product,” explains Stéphanie Drieu. Same thing for the origin of the ingredients. “Wheat flour can be organic or not organic. The product may also be complete or not complete,” she adds.

Cooking time is also an important element. More and more pasta packages suggest cooking in less than three minutes. However, the nutritionist warns: “So that the pasta can cook faster, it has already been pre-cooked. Pre-cooking is like pre-digestion of the starch in the semolina and therefore when we consume it it passes more quickly into the blood so the energy passes more quickly. It holds us a little less and the starchy and satiating effect is a little less effective”. Quick-cooking pasta and ready-made pasta should therefore be avoided.

According to the nutrition expert, the ideal choice for a prolonged feeling of satiety is undoubtedly wholemeal pasta. The latter have the advantage of being rich in fiber, B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and iron. The fiber present in wholemeal pasta helps slow down digestion. “Ideally organic so that we don’t have too many pesticides with it. And then afterwards, we really choose according to our taste and elements such as the price we want to pay”concludes Stéphanie Drieu.


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