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Shortcrust pastry is one of the essentials of our daily cooking. It allows us to prepare delicious quiches or tarts. And to save time and be more practical, we increasingly tend to turn to ready-made dough rolls. According to the magazine Linear, specialized in mass distribution, 85% of us use them regularly. It is therefore quite natural that the magazine 60 million consumers wanted to look into it. In their January 2024 issue, they tested 3 types of ready-made pasta, including shortcrust pastry.

To establish its ranking, the magazine selected 13 retail references among supermarkets, including major national brands and distributors, as well as organic and frozen food stores. While the recipe for homemade shortcrust pastry only requires flour, water, butter and a little salt, the industrial composition contains between 3 and 11 ingredients! You can find preservatives like alcohol vinegar or sugar. You must therefore carefully examine the labels. The good news is that on this panel, 9 references are made with butter. As for puff pastryorganic products tend to use palm oil mixed with rapeseed or sunflower oil for fat. 60 millions recommends favoring “pure butter” products that are closer to the original recipe.

By bringing together all the criteria of the test bench, it is the Tablier Blanc shortcrust pastry, the distributor brand from E.Leclerc which obtains the best score with 12/20. It is sold at the indicative price of €1.26. It was acclaimed because it is a pure butter dough at a low price with a very correct composition. In second position, we then find the reference from Picard, sold in packs of 2, in pure butter at the price of €4.30, obtaining a score of 11.5/20. Finally, we find an organic reference, that of the La Vie Claire stores, with a score of 11.5/20. It is lighter in fat because it uses palm and sunflower oil. It is sold at a price of €2.19. There is of course an alternative to buying ready-made dough if you have a little time: make it at home with our easy recipe!


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