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As you know, in cooking, everything is a question of dosage and chemistry. So we have found the ingredient to add to your vinaigrettes to make them perfect. Thanks to this tip, it’s certain that you won’t miss a single one!

The one that will now allow you to make your vinaigrettes to perfection is none other than water. Be careful though: it has to be hot! For a velvety vinaigrette, add the equivalent of 10 cl of water for 1 liter of sauce. Then all you have to do is mix everything vigorously for a few seconds, and that’s it!

Is it magic? No, more like chemistry! Indeed, thanks to the addition of hot water, the fatty molecules of the oil will have an easier time sticking to those of the vinegar and other ingredients. Mixing the sauce will also create the perfect mix between fatty and watery molecules and thus prevent it from separating. It is therefore these two tips combined which give the vinaigrette this creamy texture that we love so much. Once made, you can keep it in an airtight jar for 7 days, provided it is refrigerated.

Our advice: shake it well before each use in order to mix all the ingredients that make it up and thus enjoy yourself.

Now that you know how to get a velvety texture, let’s taste it! If we know the view and review sauce with vinegar, oil and mustard, you can easily give it a little pep with simple ingredients. You can, for example, easily make a tangy vinaigrette by adding the juice of the citrus fruit of your choice to the traditional recipe. Another idea: prepare a vinaigrette full of flavor by replacing the mustard with green pesto. Finally, bring a little exoticism to your future salads by adding a little soy sauce to your usual vinaigrette.


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