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Airfryers, or hot air fryers, are very fashionable at the moment. And for good reason, they save considerable time and enable healthy cooking. This type of fryer works by circulating superheated air to the large fryer. And despite its name, it doesn’t just “fry” your food, it also allows you to grill, roast and bake. An essential to have in your kitchen. Be careful though, there are certain mistakes you should not make in order to enjoy it without worry.

Currently, the Airfryer is present in most homes. More than a million copies were sold last year alone. But some specialists warn users of the dangers associated with its use. Indeed, this appliance tends, like the microwave, to be cleaned relatively little. A bad habit that could quickly lead to food poisoning. Undercooked pieces of meat can contaminate the appliance, particularly with salmonella when it comes to chicken. This type of pathogen can continue to live and grow for almost two days, despite a dry surface. It is therefore essential to clean your device thoroughly after each use.

With an air fryer, the risk of contamination is very high. “Old food particles and germs will accumulate in the basket and contaminate the food you put in it“, confirms Janilyn Hutchings, certified food safety professional interviewed by the magazine Parents.

The expert therefore advises cleaning your air fryer after each use. It’s not a waste of time, it’s actually quite simple! Let your appliance soak for as long as necessary to avoid having to scrub vigorously to loosen cooked-on food. You should remember to clean: stubborn deposits with a metal sponge, the basket with hot water, the interior of the appliance with a soft sponge, the heating elements (especially the interior of the drawer) and the exterior of the device using a heated cloth.

Three minutes of cleaning to ward off illness and preserve your stomach!


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