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In the middle of winter, you may want to go elsewhere and travel. Since it’s often not possible to pack your bags to go to the other side of the world, cooking can be a way to escape. It’s time to get behind the stove and try this recipe. François-Régis Gaudry offers you an Indian specialty. With his pakoras recipe, you will take your taste buds on a journey. These are Indian vegetable fritters perfect for an aperitif. Spicy and slightly spicy, they will bring sunshine to your plates. If you want to make the recipe at home, follow the steps.

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To make successful Indian vegetable fritters, you need to ensure several things during your preparation. First of all, once you have mixed all the ingredients together, you should have a nice golden, pasty and quite sticky mixture. The food journalist also gives a tip for knowing if your oil is hot: “You take a piece of a very small vegetable, and if it crackles, you’re a winner.” Finally, remember to salt your pakoras as soon as they come out of the bath so that the salt soaks into the fritters. To enhance the tasting of your pakoras, you can accompany them with a fresh yogurt with coriander and lemon to dip in them.


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