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Pie crust is often a recipe that no one wants to make. Lack of time or desire, motivation is not necessarily there. In these cases, the first alternative is to go to a store to buy industrial paste. You still have to be careful with your choice, as dietician Pauline Budinsky explains on her account. Instagram.

When you choose your pie crust, take the time to check its composition. Above all, you must avoid using a dough that contains palm oil; if this is the case, you must rest it directly and choose another. To make your choice, the dietician advises you to take a so-called “pure butter” paste. In general, these products make a much shorter list as if made at home. Pauline Budinsky specifies: “It works for all brands or even any pasta”. It is therefore completely possible to consume industrial pie crusts as long as you choose them correctly.

Obviously, nothing replaces homemade pie crust. Despite all the preconceptions you may have, it is not that complicated to make your own pie crust. First of all depending on what you want to make, there are several different types of pie crusts where some are less difficult than others. Shortcrust pastry is the simplest and quickest to make, so it is the most used. Shortcrust pastry is ideal for red fruit and chocolate tarts. or even orange. It can accommodate liquid toppings without problem and it is not too difficult to make. Finally, puff pastry is the one with the reputation of being the most difficult or at least the longest pastry to prepare. You can still try to tackle it! There you have it, pie crusts no longer hold any secrets for you.


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