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To the delight of culinary show fans, a new season of Objectif Top Chef was launched at the beginning of September. If viewers have had to get used to a big change with the arrival of two new jurors – Juan Arbelaez and Yoann Conte – who evaluate the candidates before facing Philippe Etchebest, the program still allows apprentice cooks an opportunity to join the cult program of Top Boss.

This year, the competition is tough and as always, the competition offers a chance for these young people to show their talents. This was the case for Gaspard Calimas. Only 17 years old, this young cook from Caenamazed the duo of jurors. Best Apprentice of France 2023, he was able to stand out to the point of being offered a place in the kitchens of chef Juan Arbelaez!

In an extract from the show published on the Instagram account of the M6 ​​channel, Juan Arbelaez et Yoann Conte were able to share with the young cook their feedback and very positive remarks about his career. The Colombian chef has only had good feedback to communicate, even offering him a potential place in one of his kitchens. “I don’t know what adventure has in store for you but if you are looking for a position one day, I would be delighted to have you on my team” he assured her. “He’s a monstrous talent, with a little guidance he can go very far. Congratulations”, adds the Colombian chef. “You are someone with whom we feel good. You share the light and you can feel it” he concluded.

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Same story for Yoann Conte: “To have so much madness, such self-sacrifice, at 17, it’s amazing”, he explained to the cook. For the young Caennais, the adventure was more than a revelation: “It reinforces my idea that I am on the right path and that I must continue in this even if it is not easy every day”, he explains. “We tell ourselves that we are not here for nothing, it gives us a boost” completes Gaspard. If he was unable to qualify for the rest of the program, the cook does not intend to give up. Currently in additional catering studies at the prestigious Ferrandi school, he has not finished making people talk about him!


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