Some areas of northern India exceeded 50 degrees Celsius amid an extreme heat wave which led the country’s Meteorological Department (IMD) to issue the alert this Wednesday, May 29, while the New Delhi authorities imposed restrictions on the use of water due to the shortage.

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Northern Rajasthan, where the Churu station recorded 50.5 degrees, and neighboring Haryana, with 50.3 degrees at the Sirsa stationrecorded the most intense peaks of a heat wave that has plunged northern India into practically unbearable temperatures for days.

The IMD, in its latest bulletin published this Wednesday, indicated that high temperatures will “probably” reduce from next Thursday.

Meanwhile, weeks of high temperatures have forced authorities to close schools and have caused dozens of cases of deaths suspected of heatstroke in Rajasthan.

In New Delhi, where the IMD recorded a maximum of 49.9 degrees yesterday, the regional government also warned that the threat of high temperatures is joined by a growing water shortage for which it blamed the neighboring state of Haryana and the party. of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“There is a serious heat wave in New Delhi and a water shortage,” the office of the Indian capital’s Water Minister, Atishi, said this Wednesday, so “water conservation has become extremely important.” .

The authorities stated that they will deploy, starting tomorrow, two hundred teams to prevent various practices that contribute to water wastage and impose fines of up to Rs 2,000 (about 24 dollars).

Among them, that the citizens of the capital clean their cars with hoses, let the water tanks located on the roofs overflow and that the inhabitants of the capital use to ensure a reserve throughout the day in the face of the unreliable public supply or that Domestic water is used for commercial or construction purposes.

The high temperatures that much of India has been suffering for weeks, above average according to the IMD, have been pointed out as one of those responsible for the drop in participation in the first phases of the current general electionswhich began on April 19 and will end on June 1.

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