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Recently, we revealed the advice of a virologist to avoid food poisoning during the holidays. Today, we’re looking at a mistake you shouldn’t make: leaving dishes on the table for too long. Indeed, what seems harmless can, in reality, turn out to be dangerous for health and cause poisoning. In order to avoid it, food safety experts have given their advice to our colleagues at Huffington Post.

From the moment the dishes come out of the oven, it is imperative not to leave them on the table for more than two hours to avoid any risk of bacterial contamination. A time which also includes cutting, transport and service, of course. If you must serve your dishes beyond this limit, then a heat source such as a stove is recommended. It is recommended to leave your dish in the oven for as long as possible.

Regarding cold food like cheese or salad, the rule is the same: do not leave them out of the fridge for more than 2 hours, unless you have an ice pack on them. It is best to serve the cheese or salad on a plate in the kitchen to immediately refrigerate the cheese.

For non-perishable food, don’t panic, it does not represent a big health risk. However, to respect hygiene codes, remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching food.


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