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Foie gras is one of the dishes present at the Christmas meal. As it is a central element, why not take on the challenge of making it yourself? You still need to have the right foie gras. Precisely, in an interview conducted by the Women’s Journal, an expert named Jacques Grolière, who works for the house with the eponymous name, shared his advice on how to make foie gras to perfection. Here’s how to do it.

Before cooking foie gras, it is essential to choose it carefully. For this, one of the key points is the quality of the latter. In order to determine it, two names should attract your attention. We find the “Extra” raw foie which is of a higher quality than that of the “First choice” foie gras. In question ? The first produces less fat when cooking and is more heat resistant. So opt for the Extra for terrines and the First choice for pan-fried foie gras or in stuffing.

And contrary to popular belief, making homemade foie gras is not that complicated. But for it to be tasty, choose the right one. For this, the expert explains to our colleagues that: “You should favor semi-cooked foie gras, small and pink. It contains less fat, which is a guarantee of quality”. Choosing it smaller will prevent it from releasing too much fat when cooking. For the texture, turn to a foie gras that is neither too hard nor too soft. “both flexible and resistant”. Finally, in terms of weight, choose a weight around 450 and 550 grams for duck foie gras and between 650 and 800 grams for goose.


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