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It is not uncommon to feel tired after lunch. We do not really understand the reason for this slump and we do not always manage to avoid it. Some opt for a coffee, others hydrate themselves. But how can we explain this phenomenon and how to deal with it? It is in an Instagram video that doctor Michel Cymes took an interest in this subject. The specialist thus shared all his tips. Here are his secrets.

It is well known that many of us are tempted by a little nap after a meal since fatigue is generally felt more at this time of day. This is normal, it is the time of digestion. Our digestive system is working and depending on what we have eaten, this can require a lot of energy. This feeling of fatigue will thus “depending on the meal you had just before”explains Michel Cymes.

Some foods will more easily cause this slump, this is particularly the case for carbohydrates and sugar. Indeed, the specialist emphasizes that “you are sure that you risk being tired afterwards”. But why? Carbohydrates will increase the blood sugar peak and therefore the sugar level in the body. Result? “Faced with this spike in blood sugar, the cells in your pancreas produce insulin: this is the hormone that regulates sugar levels. When the body produces too much insulin, blood sugar levels drop: this is hypoglycemia, which leads to a state of great drowsiness.”as explained a site specializing in sleep.

To avoid this fatigue, Michel Cymes advises: “eat balanced meals with a good dose of protein and fiber. And you understand that you have to limit the intake of carbohydrates.”

Then, if possible, opt for physical activity such as walking after your midday meal to aid digestion.

Finally, listen to yourself. Remember that everyone reacts differently and a simple little detail like the quality of sleep can impact your entire day as the doctor points out: “Sometimes small changes in your lifestyle can be enough to be less tired after lunch.”


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