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With meat, fries or even in a sandwich, mayonnaise is one of the sauces we prefer to eat. But it’s not always easy to achieve it at home! Fortunately, once you know the right tips for making it at home, it’s even possible to get creative. Indeed, this sauce can be varied as desired to satisfy all taste preferences. Here is the basic mayonnaise recipe and our 5 ways to twist it!

Pour the egg yolks into a bowl, making sure to leave them at room temperature. Whisk them lightly then add the mustard and whisk again. Pour in the vinegar, whisk then season with salt. Gradually add the oil with a whisk, letting it flow in a small stream. This action will allow the emulsion between the liquid and the fat of the oil. Whip up the sauce while continuing to slowly pour in the oil. Once the mixture has set, you can speed up the addition of oil. You’ve made your own homemade mayonnaise!

Once your plain mayonnaise base has been created, you can then divide it into small individual bowls to customize each one according to your desires. Here are 5 ways to customize homemade mayonnaise and our accompanying ideas.

For the curry mayonnaise
Add a little curry powder to one of the bowls and mix vigorously. You can serve it with fondue bourguignonne or slip it into a chicken sandwich.

For the tandoori red mayonnaise
To give flavor and a nice red color to your mayonnaise, add tandoori spices and mix well. If you don’t have any, add paprika. Serve with a piece of chicken!

For the pesto mayonnaise
Add pesto to one of the bowls and mix. This sauce is ideal for preparing an Italian panini.

For the herb mayonnaise
Add chopped chives to one of the bowls and mix. You can also add chervil, flat-leaf parsley, tarragon. You can use it with white fish or shrimp.


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