“Without the agreement, there was a real danger that the European Union (EU) would take the money from us and give it to Ukraine,” Orbán told Hungarian public radio station Kossuth.

After months of impasse, Hungary’s ultranationalist leader on Thursday lifted the veto on the EU’s 50 billion euro financial aid to Ukraine.

For Orbán, the Brussels agreement “was a success” for Budapest, as it received guarantees that “they will not give to others” the funds corresponding to Hungary.

In any case, Orbán’s government continues to not receive around 12 billion euros of community funds from Brussels, due to its refusal to guarantee the rule of law in Hungary.

The Hungarian prime minister is Russia’s main ally in the European bloc, with which it maintains friendly relations despite the invasion of Ukraine.

On the other hand, Orbán today accused Brussels of living in “war fever” and reiterated that Hungary was left alone “in defending peace”.

“In the discussion, both Brussels and we have instruments, but it is better to reach an agreement than to argue,” said the prime minister, referring to contacts before the summit on financial support for Ukraine.

Relations between Hungary and Ukraine have been tense for several years, with Kiev accusing Budapest of supporting Russian interests, while Orbán complains that the rights of ethnic minorities, including around 150,000 Magyars, are not respected in the country. neighbor.

The European Commission blocked the payment of around 22 billion euros of regional funds to Hungary for non-compliance with the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, but in December 2023 it released 10.2 billion euros after legislative changes in Budapest.

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