O Tibet’s head of state and spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, celebrated his 89th birthday this Saturday, having stated that, despite having pains associated with his advanced age, he is “healthy”.

“I recently had knee surgery, which caused me some problems. However, I am recovering and I don’t have any problems now,” he assured, in a message recorded from the United States, where he underwent treatment.

The spiritual leader thanked the faithful for their prayers, while also appealing to them not to trust “misinformation” about his state of health.

“There may be people trying to confuse you about my health condition by saying that the Dalai Lama has gone to a hospital and is being treated, etc., making my condition seem serious. You need not rely on such misinformation,” he said.

The head of state, who assured that he is “physically fit”, also confessed that, despite being “almost 90 years old”, he does not feel “unhealthy”, except for the “discomfort” he feels in his legs.

It should be noted that the advanced age of the spiritual leader has raised questions among Tibetans regarding his succession, who are fighting for greater autonomy within China or for total independence.

Still, the Dalai Lama has indicated that he will clarify questions about succession, including whether and where he will be reincarnated, around his 90th birthday.

This Saturday, tens of thousands of Buddhists and supporters from around the world gathered to celebrate and pray for the leader.

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