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Recently, we informed you that the show Everyone in the kitchen was going to return to screens on August 7. A comeback which was not planned but which imposed itself following the poor audiences of the show The road of chests programmed every evening of the week at 6:40 p.m. and presented by Stéphane Rotenberg.

If the public will undoubtedly be delighted to find the flagship duo of the program Cyril Lignac and Jérôme Anthony, however, we wondered if the cook had hesitated or not before accepting the proposal chain and the answer is pretty clear.

Once the surprise passed, when the channel questioned Cyril Lignac to find out if he was ready to shoot this summer, his response was almost instantaneous. He didn’t need to question himself for too long, for him it was clear: “I’m in Saint Tropez, I take care of my pastry, it’s no secret. It’s high season. I’m going back and forth for the month of July in Paris. When M6 called us to find out if we were ready to do a summer “Tous en cuisine” in the region. I accepted, I like cooking so it was with pleasure”, he explained yesterday during the presentation of the new season of his other show, Le Meilleur Pâtissier. Not much hesitation therefore for the chef. Cooking delicious recipes in the sun, it’s true that there are worse programs.

Before embarking on this new adventure, you must first organize yourself for the shooting, a challenge that turns out to be daunting but which makes the cook smile : “I hadn’t expected this but I like surprises. But I rehire. I took my knives from Paris down to the trucks. I feel like I’m reliving “everything in the kitchen” of the Covid when we set up the program in 3 days. There it is the same thing, except that we are at the edge of the Mediterranean. It’s great, I’m super happy”.

Cyril Lignac will therefore cook from Saint-Tropez while Jérôme Anthony will tour the campsites. A sunny show full of flavors that is already thrilling the chef: “It’s going to be awesome. What we like is to be close to people, to be there to give recipes”.

Speaking of recipes, again Cyril Lignac is not lacking in enthusiasm. He already has in mind many summer preparations that are likely to please the public: “I have prepared lots of salads, lots of recipes for marinated meats to be barbecued, apricot pies, clafoutis. As it’s the holidays, it’s essential that there are plenty of families who come to cook with us in the evening”.

To give us a taste of this summer’s recipes, the chef revealed to us a melon-based preparation that we can finda flagship product for sunny days. “What people ask is, ‘How can I upgrade a dish?’ That is to say, in the summer we eat melon with ham. Well, when you have guests, you take a melon, cut it in half, empty it with a small spoon. You refill your melon with melon balls, strawberries, raspberries, mozzarella and a small vanilla reduction. s basil leaves and a vinaigrette with white balsamic. These are the ingredients that will make it not a dessert but a salad, salty and tangy. And here is a summer salad”.

So be at see you on August 7 to discover this enticing program and as Cyril said “Let the festivities begin”.


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