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Each season of the Top Chef show on M6 allows you to discover and bring out new culinary talents. This is the case of Danny Khezzar, candidate of the 14th edition. Only 27 years old, the chef is comfortable in all areas. In addition to his position as chef at Bayview, a Michelin-starred establishment in Geneva, the young man is also known for his culinary videos which create buzz on social networks such as Tik Tok and Instagram.

In an interview given to the magazine l’Obs this November 26, 2023, the Top chef candidate opened up by sharing many anecdotes about himself. Favorite dish, good addresses and even cultural favorites, the cook indulged in the confidence. Here’s what you need to remember about this extraordinary cook.

During the interview, Danny revealed to the journalist his favorite recipe: veal blanquette. But be careful, only when it is prepared by its mother! His dish “is so special, there’s love in it!”he explains.

Proust’s Madeleine par excellence, this essential preparation of French cuisine therefore undoubtedly remains one of the emblematic candidate’s favorites. “This sauce, this rice… It’s typically the dish that makes me want to have more. And it’s also the one that I will never revisit”he adds.

But that’s not all: the chef also shared his favorite addresses with the magazine’s readers. Parisian restaurant side “It’s Chez Gabrielle near Place des Ternes” that the cook has his little habits. “We eat beef fillets, dauphinois gratins and delicious chestnut cakes. In addition, it is very accessible in terms of price. he assures. Moreover, it is here that the chef took his first steps in the kitchen. “For the record, I did my first services there. I have a particular affection for this chef who was seriously ill and who nevertheless remains behind the stove”he confides.

And to party? You have to go to “a cocktail bar is really where there are the best atmospheres”, says the 27-year-old chef. “In Geneva, there was Bodega 21, but unfortunately it closed,” he explains. On the other hand, when he is in the French capital, the cook prefers outings “between friends, in an apartment”. For him, “the main thing is to be well supported, with a good team and a good atmosphere”he concludes.


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