UA journalist tried to distract the shooter who, on Thursday, left 13 dead and 25 injured during an attack at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University, in the capital of the Czech Republic.

“Hey, c*****, I’m here, shoot here!” shouted Jiri Forman, who was trying to help the students escape.

The man, who said he had experience as a journalist in war zones, managed to avoid being hit by the 24-year-old student who was shooting from the roof of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

According to Reuters, Forman provided information to authorities about David Kozak’s movements, while filming the attack on his cell phone.

The journalist has been seen as a hero in the Czech press, even though he has discarded that title.

“Where I was was absolutely safe, there was no one and I knew I could hide. If he shot in my direction, people would have the opportunity to take cover. I shouted at him and he started shooting in my direction”, he explained.

From the same location, authorities shot at the student, who had a weapons license. When he learned that the police were close to catching him, the young man ended his own life. However, authorities are trying to determine whether David Kozak died by his own means, or whether he was shot down.

In any case, since 12:26 pm (11:26 am in Lisbon) the police were chasing the suspect, after being alerted that he had sent a message with suicidal thoughts to a friend.

Authorities found the body of the shooter’s father at their home, in Hostouň, at 12:40 pm (11:40 am in Lisbon). They later discovered that the young man would have a class at 2pm, so they ordered the building to be evacuated. However, the student went to another part of the university, where he opened fire.

The attack, which ended in the death of the shooter, lasted around 21 minutes.

In addition to the victims at the university and the father, David Kozak also killed a man and his two-month-old baby last week.

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