A shopping center burned on the morning of this Sunday, May 12, 2024, in Warsaw, capital of Poland, in a fire that has caused no victims and is almost completely controlled. The authorities of that country are investigating the causes of the conflagration.

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The automatic sensors of the complex located on Marywilska Street, which houses more than 1,400 commercial establishments, alerted the firefighters at 3:31 in the morning, who arrived at the scene 11 minutes later, when two thirds of the building were already burning.

“It was a very strange situation because after a few minutes a large area was engulfed in flames”declared Mariusz Feltynowski, commander of the fire services.

However, the uniformed man did not want to make conjectures about the cause of the conflagration, and indicated that the investigations should be carried out by the Police.

“Our experience shows that the fire broke out in several places at the same time over a large area. Perhaps the accumulation of materials, especially clothing, caused the fire to spread very quickly inside,” he said.

Feltynowski indicated that the fire is under control, although the efforts to extinguish the flames will continue for a few hours.

The authorities issued an alert due to the possibility that the gases emitted were toxic and urged citizens to stay home and close their windows.

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