The entry into force, starting this Wednesday, In Florida, a new law that prohibits abortion from the sixth week of pregnancy ends up making this practice almost impossible in the southeastern United highlighted by the detractors of the regulations.

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“The Southeast is already experiencing a public health crisis and banning abortion in Florida will only make the situation worse,” Lauren Brenzel, campaign director of Floridians Protecting Freedom, told the EFE news agency.

This organization took it all the way to the state Supreme Court, which ended up agreeing with them, a campaign to submit to a referendum in next November’s elections an amendment to the Florida Constitution, which, if a minimum of 60% of votes were obtained in favor, would protect access to abortion and “without interference from politicians.”

Civil groups and the US president himself, Joe Biden, who aspires to a second term in November, have invested efforts to bring voters to the polls in this state, which is now with abortion has strengthened electoral hope for the ruling party, which has not won in Florida in a presidential election since 2012.

In fact, Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to hold a campaign event this Wednesday in Jacksonville, in the north of the state, where she will talk about “the fight for reproductive rights,” according to the White House.

Despite the victories of the Republicans in recent electoral cycles, and the fact that in terms of registered voters the conservatives have surpassed the Democrats by some 900,000 supporters, Biden considers that in the next general elections Florida is still “at stake”, and a key element of this is the referendum on the termination of pregnancy.

“This amendment offers a ray of hope for Floridians living under increasingly restrictive abortion laws, including a looming six-week ban that would eliminate this decision before many even know they are pregnant,” Brenzel said.

“We cannot predict the outcome of the vote, since Florida is a politically diverse state with strong opinions on both sides of the political spectrum,” Clara Trullenque, spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Florida, the state affiliate of the largest organization in the United States, told EFE. .USA that assists women in reproductive health.

Trullenque alluded to a recent survey, according to which 64% of Floridians support abortion. But another poll, from Florida Atlantic University (FAU), reflects that the constitutional amendment only has 49% support and 32% are undecided.

“Politicians and judges should not interfere in people’s personal and medical decisions,” emphasizes the spokesperson for Planned Parenthood Florida.

This organization remembers that Florida had been serving patients who were forced to travel to receive medical care from other southeastern stateswhere it is estimated there are some 17 million women of reproductive age who live under some type of abortion restriction.

“This new law will completely change this dynamic,” Trullenque said.

He added that with the new rule, “unregulated and potentially unsafe and life-threatening abortions” will effect that could “lead to a health crisis with an increase in serious medical complications.”

At a Biden campaign event held last week in Tampa, western Florida, Kaitlyn Joshua, a mother and reproductive rights activist in Louisiana, recounted her experience at the beginning of her second pregnancy.

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After suffering from severe pain and profuse bleeding, she went to an emergency room with symptoms of a spontaneous abortion, but due to the state prohibition, the doctors did not inform her what was happening and sent her back home.

For Biden, the culprit of all this is his virtual Republican opponent, the former president Donald Trump (2017-2021), who will not hesitate to establish a national ban on abortion.

According to Biden, Trump boasts that he is the reason that in June 2022 the US Supreme Court will end the federal protections established in the case of Roe vs. Wade and that prevented states from legislating abortion.


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