“OThe French, three weeks after the European elections, gave an indisputable verdict and clearly showed that they want change”, said Jordan Bardella in a speech at the Wagram pavilion, in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

From a pulpit with the phrase “change begins” and a French flag on the right side, Bardella considered that, by putting the National Union (Rassemblement National, in French) ahead in the first round, the French created “unprecedented hope throughout the country”.

The leader of the National Union argued that, with today’s results, the presidential coalition “can no longer win” the legislative elections, so France now has a choice between “two paths: on one side, the alliance of the worst, the New Popular Front, united behind Jean-Luc Mélenchon, which would lead the country to disorder, insurrection and ruin”.

“On the other, the National Union. This unprecedented alliance, motivated by the national interest and, from now on, the only barrier that can make France win, which protects our institutions, restores security, decrees fiscal peace and defends work,” he said.

Expressing “great concern” about the result of the left-wing coalition, Bardella accused the parties that make it up of wanting to “disarm the police, open the doors to immigration, abolish the law on the fight against occupations and against Islamic separatism”.

“Mr Mélenchon and his friends pose an existential risk to our nation,” he said, asking his voters to remain “mobilized, in a last effort” until the second round.

Stressing that next Sunday’s elections – the second round of the legislative elections – will be “one of the most decisive in the entire history of the Fifth Republic”, Bardella asked the French to join him and “create a dynamic to make the National Union win against those who seek to divide, disrupt public order and trample on France’s values.

“Next Sunday, if voters give us an absolute majority to get the country back on its feet, I intend to be the Prime Minister of all French people, available to listen to everyone, respectful of the opposition, open to dialogue and concerned, at all times, with the unity of the nation,” he assured.

Bardella also said that he intends to be an “everyday” prime minister and will establish as a top priority “the defense of purchasing power, the re-establishment of order and security and the control of migration policy”.

“I intend to be a prime minister of cohabitation, respectful of the Constitution and the role of the President of the Republic, but uncompromising in the policy that we will implement,” he stated.

Bardella also hoped that the next seven days of campaigning would take place “in a calm, honest atmosphere, with respect for the institutions and rules of democracy”.

“To all French men and women I want to say that I will always be the guarantor of your rights and freedoms and of our republican motto, which unites all the people of France under the same promise: freedom, equality, fraternity”, he stressed, adding that he has arrived It’s time for the country to be led by leaders who “understand and consider” the people.

“Next Sunday, victory is possible and change is within our reach. France and the Republic need to win: let us be united and mobilized for change,” he appealed.

The far-right National Union (RN) party, led by Marine Le Pen and her allies, is ahead in the first round of the French legislative elections, with more than 34% of the vote, according to first projections.

The extreme right is at this stage ahead of the left-wing alliance Nova Frente Popular, which according to exit polls will have a result between 28.5% and 29.1%. At an even greater distance is President Emmanuel Macron’s camp party (20.5% to 21.5%).

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