The Polish influencer Marcin Banot, known for climbing large buildings, climbed twenty-five floors of a 125-meter-high skyscraper in the center of Buenos Aires this Tuesday, June 11, until he was rescued by City Firefighters, treated by the Emergency Medical Care System (SAME) and detained by police officers.

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The young man, who climbed part of the building without a harness and equipped only with a shirt of the captain of the Argentina soccer team, Lionel Messi, had already tried to climb the façade of the skyscraper last Friday, as police sources confirmed to EFE.

At that time, the prosecutor in charge of the case considered that the attempted “escalation” did not constitute a crime and released him, now, The 35-year-old man must pay the cost of the complex operation that had to be deployed in the center of the Buenos Aires capital, the sources consulted highlighted.

Banot is a fan of free climbing large structures, a video amateur and a mate drinker, as he defines himself on his social networks, which are followed by half a million people.

The influencer became known in his country after participating in the Polish edition of the television program ‘Ninja Warrior’, a program where competitors face each other in an obstacle course classified as the “most difficult in the world.”

On the other hand, this ‘urban mountaineer’ had already scaled other structures such as the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, or a large complex of radio antennas in the vicinity of the former Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in Ukraine.

In Buenos Aires, The emergency services began a rescue operation around 1:50 p.m. local time (16:50 GMT) and involved several specialized agents who had to hang from the walls of the building to try to prevent Banot from continuing with his ascent.

Police spokespersons indicated that the participation of a Polish translator was necessary for the person to collaborate with the rescue agents, which is why they had to transfer him to the building, where the headquarters of several companies and institutions such as the Argentine technological ‘unicorn’ Globant operate.

Emergency teams had to descend ten stories from the roof of the building to immobilize the influencer, and then enter it through an open hole in the façade, since the building is completely covered by a metal structure of mosaics, making it impossible to access from a closer point.

Around the skyscraper, the local press, onlookers and several workers were not allowed to enter the company offices until Banot was detained. After experiencing moments of tension, Those who recorded the event could not help but unleash their joy between applause and congratulations to the rescuers.

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