Nazila Maroufian published in October 2022, on the Mostaghel Online information website, an interview with the father of Mahsa Amini, the young Iranian woman who died last September after being detained by the moral police for incorrectly wearing the Islamic veil.

In the interview, Mahsa Amini’s father said that the Iranian police lied about the causes of the young woman’s death and that she was hit in the head while she was in police custody.

Journalist Nazila Maroufian was detained in November for the interview, later released, and in January said she had been sentenced to two years in prison with a suspended sentence for “propaganda against the system” and for “spreading false news”.

It is certain that last July she was arrested again, in Evine prison, from which she has now been released, according to information shared by herself on social networks, where she appears with her hair uncovered.

Many Iranian women have stopped wearing the mandatory Islamic headscarf as a form of protest and civil disobedience since the September 16 death of Mahsa Amini.

Since the death of this young woman, many Iranian women have stopped wearing a headscarf, a piece that represents a visible form of discrimination they suffer, which goes far beyond the obligation to cover their heads.

The Iranian authorities have resorted to various methods to restore the use of the Islamic veil with the return to the streets of the feared morality police and punishments such as cleaning corpses or scrubbing public buildings.

The president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisí, said this week that “this removing the veil will definitely end” and accused women who do not wear it of being “unconscious”.

The Iranian parliament approved today the sending of the new headscarf law, which stiffens the penalties for those who don’t wear it, to a judicial and cultural commission, avoiding the presentation of the diploma in plenary session.

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