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The human body needs water to function properly. If it is found in the foods we eat every day, it is necessary to drink additional water to fully satisfy the body’s basic needs. But is there a particularly opportune time to consume it or, conversely, periods to avoid?

We often hear that drinking water during meals disrupts digestion. In an interview with Femme Actuelle magazine, nutritionist Pauline Pied returns to this rumor and gives us her good advice on what to do with water during meals.

To drink the 1 and a half liters recommended by doctors, it is recommended to spread this consumption throughout the day. But for many, it is best to avoid the meal period. Indeed, for some people, drinking water and eating at the same time tends to slow down their digestive system, causing it to lose efficiency and even causing bloating…

However, as dietician-nutritionist Pauline Pied explains in an interview, “it is possible to drink during meals but it is preferable to limit yourself to two glasses when you digest poorly and are prone to gastric reflux.” “Excess water in the stomach can block gastric emptying. Digestion will be very slow because the water takes up unnecessary space in the stomach,” she explains.

To maximize hydration, the expert therefore recommends regular consumption but in small quantities throughout the day.

It is therefore not forbidden to drink water during meals. Moreover, according to certain studies, drinking water during meals reduces the risk of constipation by softening the stools. In addition, for experts, drinking water can act as an appetite suppressant and allows you to put your fork down between bites. Thus, we eat more slowly, which allows the body to digest better, to feel the sensation of satiety and therefore, to be fully satisfied!


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