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By drinking from your favorite cup all day long, it may become a little stained… How can you restore its former beauty? We’ll answer you!

Take your stained cups or mugs and fill them with boiling water. Then add half a teaspoon of percarbonate of soda, stir for a few moments and let the magic work. The water will immediately change color and take on the color of the deposits that decorated the bottom of the cups. Leave on for 3 minutes then rinse, clean with your usual dishwashing detergent and that’s it!

Besides stained mugs, other items in the kitchen can be a pain to clean. This is particularly the case with the coffee machine. To make it shine brightly, pour a mixture of water and white vinegar into the tank. For measurements, count 2 parts of white vinegar for 1 part of water. Then pour the mixture, then rinse the water tray and the jug. Last step: run clean water through the coffee maker at least three times before making yourself a coffee. Not sure that the vinegar/coffee mixture is exceptional…

Another tip: to clean an oven effortlessly, pour boiling water into a large dish, put it in the oven, then turn the oven on to 100°. Once it is hot, place a dishwasher tablet in the water. As it evaporates, the water will loosen the residue stuck to the walls of the oven, but also deodorize it. When the tablet is completely dissolved, you can remove unwanted residue using a damp sponge.

If you are short of pastilles, a lemon cut into slices will do the trick. Same principle, same efficiency, all 100% ecological. The only change is that the oven must be, this time, at 200°.


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