SAccording to Israel, the leader was identified as Ismail Yusaf Baz, he was commander of Hezbollah’s coastal sector and a “veteran in several posts of the military wing” of the group.

“As part of his role, Ismail was involved in promoting and planning launches of rockets and anti-tank missiles to Israel from the coastal area of ​​Lebanon”indicated a military statement today, without providing evidence.

Hezbollah announced today, in a brief statement, the death of a member with the same name, but limited itself to identifying him as “a combatant” and did not confirm that he was a senior official.

In the attack on his vehicle, two other people were injured, according to the Lebanese National News Agency (ANN).

Hezbollah and Israel continue the crossfire they began more than six months ago, following the outbreak of the Israeli war against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip and in a context of increased tensions in the Middle East, following Saturday’s attack on night from Iran to Israel, with more than 300 ‘drones’ (unmanned aircraft) and missiles fired, which caused no deaths.

Daily exchanges of artillery fire between Israel and Hezbollah since the start of the war in Gaza have left 364 dead on the Lebanese side – mostly Hezbollah fighters, but also around 70 civilians -, while in northern Israel, ten soldiers and eight civilians were killed, according to the Army.

Tens of thousands of inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes, on both sides of the border.

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