“NNo casualties were reported, but the attack caused damage to a building in the western Galilee region,” the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a statement.

This attack against Israeli territory comes after Jewish State forces today attacked an infrastructure belonging to the Air Unit of the Lebanese Shiite group.

Israel also reported this afternoon the launch of more anti-tank missiles from Lebanon, which caused no casualties or damage.

The most radical sector of the Israeli Government on Thursday pressured Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, during the Security Cabinet meeting, to opt for a large-scale offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Hostilities on the border between the two countries have led to the displacement of more than 60,000 Israelis living in northern communities. The international community fears that this could lead to open war this summer.

On October 7th last year, Israel declared war on the Gaza Strip to “eradicate” the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, hours after it carried out an attack of unprecedented proportions on Israeli territory, killing 1,194 people, most of them civilians.

Since 2007 in power in Gaza and classified as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union and Israel, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) also took 251 hostages that day, 120 of whom remain in captivity and 41 have died in the meantime, according to the most recent assessment of the Israeli Army.

The war, which today entered its 266th day and continues to threaten to spread to the entire Middle East region, has so far left at least 37,765 dead and 86,429 injured in the Gaza Strip, in addition to around 10,000 missing, most of them civilians, presumably buried in the rubble after more than eight months of war, according to updated figures from local authorities.

The conflict has also displaced nearly two million people, plunging the overpopulated and impoverished Palestinian enclave into a serious humanitarian crisis, with more than 1.1 million people in a “catastrophic famine situation” that is claiming lives – “the highest number ever recorded” by the UN in studies on food security in the world.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2589086/israel-deteta-3-drones-com-explosivos-e-25-foguetes-desde-o-libano

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