A field hospital located in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, had to be evacuated on Tuesday due to the “continuous air and artillery bombardments” in its surroundings, The emergency service of the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS) reported today, after another night of attacks and movement of Israeli troops towards the city of Rafah.

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“Yesterday, Palestinian Red Crescent teams evacuated Al Quds Field Hospital from Al Mawasi area in the western part of Rafah Governorate to Al Mawasi area in Khan Younis,” the humanitarian organization said in a statement today. statement, citing the growing insecurity and forced evacuation of residents of this area.

This hospital center represented a health reinforcement for this southern area, where all the hospitals managed by the Gaza Ministry of Health are inoperative, with the exception of the Maternity Hospital in the Tal al Sultan neighborhood, in the northwest of Rafah.

Israeli tanks continued advancing towards the city of Rafah last night, according to Al Jazeera sources, and would now control the strategic Philadelphia corridor, the strip of land bordering Egypt.

The Palestinian Wafa agency, on the other hand, reported new Israeli attacks at dawn against the western neighborhoods of Rafah, which caused an unknown number of civilian deaths and injuries, including children, in addition to attacks in the north of the enclave, where Israel resumed its operations. operations after the regrouping of Hamas.

“The eastern areas of Gaza City witnessed intense firing from Israeli military vehicles, while an Israeli fighter plane attacked the western areas of the city of Jabalia, in the north of the Gaza Strip, injuring several citizens,” Wafa detailed today.

In the center of the Strip, another Israeli attack on the Nuseirat refugee camp left three citizens wounded, who were taken to Al Awda Hospital, according to Wafa. While civil defense teams recovered the bodies of three Palestinians from the rubble in the east of the city of Khan Yunis, in the south of the Strip.

Since Israel’s war in Gaza began almost eight months ago, following the Hamas attack, more than 36,100 Gazans have died and around 81,100 have been injured, according to data from the Ministry of Health of the Hamas Government, in a devastated Strip. without enough food, shelter or drinking water for its inhabitants.

Bombings in Rafah leave at least 75 dead

The Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip in the last day have left at least 75 dead, 21 of them from new attacks on camps for displaced people in the west of the southern city of Rafah, and nearly 300 people injured, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas, reported this Wednesday.

Thus, since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, the death toll has now reached 36,171, 75% of them women and children; and the number of injured is 81,420, figures that Gazan authorities insist are outdated, since they estimate that there are at least 10,000 people under the rubble.

Neither the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) last Friday, nor the requests from the international community have had any effect on the Israeli offensive in Rafah, where the tanks entered the center of the city yesterday and their attacks persist, in the already burned camp in the west of Tal al Sultan or Al Mawasi, according to the Gaza ministry.

The Palestinian Wafa agency today denounced new aerial bombardments east of the city of Rafah which caused the death of a Palestinian civilian and left dozens injured.

The Palestinian Red Crescent (PRCS) reported today that they were forced to evacuate one of their field hospitals located in Rafah yesterday and move it to the Khan Younis area, due to the “continuous air and artillery bombardments” they have been suffering. in its surroundings.

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