A Cable TV operator Hot this afternoon switched off Al Jazeera’s broadcasts in English and Arabic, although the station’s Arabic and English-language Internet portals remained operational.

Al Jazeera broadcasts can also continue to be watched live on the social network YouTube in both languages.

Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government approved a measure to close Qatar’s Al Jazeera news channel, accusing it of broadcasting anti-Israel incitement messages.

Israeli authorities have already entered Al Jazeera’s facilities to implement the government’s decision.

“Inspectors from the Ministry of Communications, supported by the Israeli police, are currently occupying the Al Jazeera offices in Jerusalem and confiscating the channel’s equipment,” said the Israeli Minister of Communications, Shlomo Karhi, on his social media account .

The Islamist group Hamas has already reacted, regretting that the Israeli Government voted unanimously to close Al Jazeera’s broadcasts, considering the decision the culmination of a declared war against journalists, in a conflict in which more than a hundred information professionals have died.

“It is a flagrant violation of press freedom and a repressive and retaliatory action against Al Jazeera’s professional role in exposing the crimes of the occupation,” said Hamas in an official statement, in which it appeals to the international community to ensure that human rights and press are respected.

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights denounced the order to suspend Al Jazeera and called on the Israeli Government to revoke its decision.

“We regret the Government’s decision to close Al Jazeera in Israel”, said the office on its account on the social network X, after learning of the Israeli Government’s order.

In the message, the United Nations agency emphasizes that “free and independent media is essential to guarantee transparency and accountability” and even more so at this time, “given the restrictions on information coming from Gaza”.

“Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. We urge the Israeli Government to revoke the ban”, concludes the note.

The Israeli Government’s decision is protected by a law on foreign media, approved in April by the Israeli parliament, and now denounced before the Israeli Supreme Court by the NGO Association for Civil Rights, which considers it an attack on freedom of expression .

This legislation authorizes the Israeli government to order the country’s television broadcasters to stop broadcasting Al Jazeera, to close the television network’s offices in Israel, in addition to allowing the channel’s equipment to be confiscated, including cell phones, and blocking access to your website for a minimum period of 45 days, which can be extended.

The NGO Reporters Without Borders has already condemned the decision and calls for the immediate suspension of this “censorship law” which represents “a terrible precedent” for the exercise of journalistic work in Gaza and is part of an exercise by Israel “to silence the channel by all means for its coverage of the reality of the fate of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank”.

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