For the second time since the start of the war, A couple and their five children prepare to flee with the little they have left. The Israeli offensive on Rafah, which left more than 80 dead in the last day, It has taken away their options.

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“We didn’t find food, water or diapers. It’s like a desert, there is nothing and we don’t know where to go or how far we will go.”says Abeer Anseir, displaced by the war.

The southern city of Gaza is a combat zone and, according to the UN, the number of people who have left the place since May 6 amounts to almost 450,000.

“I have been looking for a piece of bread since the morning to feed my children, but it has been in vain. I can’t find materials to set up a tent either,” says Mustafa Deeb, displaced by the war.

Citizens desperately search for supplies after Trucks carrying humanitarian aid headed to Gaza from the West Bank are now burning.

The causes of the fire are still unknown and an incident rejected by the United States that occurred last Monday, May 13, 2024, is also under investigation by the Israel Police, when A group of Israeli protesters blocked the passage of several trucks and destroyed aid boxes for Gazans.

“No aid should enter Gaza until we recover our hostages alive and well,” assures Hana Giat, Israeli protester.

Meanwhile, Israel commemorates a somber Independence Day. “We are proud of the miracle that is the State of Israel, but our hearts are full of sorrow and pain,” says Isaac Herzog, president of Israel.

This has become a day of tributes to the victims of Hamas and those who remain in the hands of the extremist group.

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