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Simone Zanoni has today become a reference in the world of gastronomy. Chef of the George restaurant, at the Four Seasons in Paris, the cook does not hesitate to regularly reveal his best recipes on his social networks. Recently, we shared his arancini recipe with you. Today, no recipe on the horizon. The chef revealed his favorite ingredient that he can’t live without. But what is it?

This is in an interview given to TV 7 days, that the chef spoke about a product that he particularly likes: olive oil. Ambassador of Costa d’Oro oils, with this Italian chef, it’s almost olive oil flowing through his veins.

Between butter and oil, for him, there is no difficulty in choosing, his heart swings strongly towards Mediterranean cuisine, the cuisine of the sun. Moreover, in your kitchen, it is impossible not to use this ingredient. It’s simple, the chef admits to putting it “everywhere”! “For 80% of my recipes, it finds its place in a savory dish as well as in a dessert! In cooking, in seasoning, in finishing… it does not hide the taste of the food at all. It highlights both the acidity and the deliciousness”.

Because yes, if olive oil is usually used in savory recipes, the chef breaks free from culinary rules and dares to integrate this ingredient into superb desserts : “For example, in my chocolate cake, with rosemary, or in my strawberry soup, with parsley ice cream. An association that offers new taste sensations”.

An idea which is more and more popular at the moment. Lately, on TikTok, many gourmets have praised the merits of vanilla ice cream sprinkled with a little fleur de sel and enhanced with a drizzle of olive oil to reveal its taste.

However, if the chef swears by olive oil, he does not always use it. This is the case, for example, for pasta cooking water. If many add a drizzle of olive oil, it is an unthinkable gesture for Simone Zanoni: “Never ! I am an Italian, my name is not Philippe Etchebest! (Laughs) On the other hand, you must always cook them in a large volume of water and buy good quality pasta, preferably artisanal”.

Because like any self-respecting Italian, after olive oil, pasta also remains a food that the chef is particularly fond of!


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