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New for chef Michel Sarran! The former jury of the show Top chef has just announced the signing of a major partnership with the Partouche group, a leisure company at the head of 43 casinos, around ten hotels, 70 restaurants, two golf courses , and even a Parisian club. This 2-year contract covers most of the group’s catering activities, which will be helped by the cook in their various establishments. “I’m not a culinary advisor, but they want me to help them think about what they’re doing today and new formulas. It’s not necessarily signing cards, but giving my point of view on what they do in casinos, hotels and restaurants,” specifies Michel Sarran. “Casinos are a world that I don’t know, but it’s attractive and exciting,” adds the chef. Find out what we already know about this new adventure.

For this new project, the chef will be required to advise the group on restaurant menus, but not only that. He will, in fact, be present at most of the company’s major events and will participate in team training. “I will bring chefs to my house where I will give them short training courses. I will try to give them some thought, and dishes to work together on the evolution of their menus,” he explains.

This partnership aims to improve the catering offer offered by the group. And who better than a starred chef to achieve this!

Already at the head of an eponymous starred restaurant and Ma Biche sur le Toit, located in Toulouse, the chef will take advantage of this new partnership to relaunch his croque-monsieurs concept. Created during the pandemic, Croque-Michel offered the famous sandwich for sale with new recipes that vary according to seasonality for a moment of escape.

However, despite the enthusiasm, the three Croque-Michel points of sale were closed in 2023… But Michel Sarran has not said his last word, and he intends to find a place for them within the casinos. “It’s a concept that can work with the casino crowd who need a quick offering and something easy to eat, clean, when they’re at the gaming tables,” explains the chef. These exotic and gourmet recipes will once again be available, on the menu of the Partouche casinos. “The Croq’Michel adventure is not dead. I think it’s a new start,” concludes Michel Sarran.


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